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This site was built in 2006.
She's old as dirt, but still looks good in a browser.

The Clearwater Landscaping site still lives on page #1 of our portfolio. 

DC Web Designers Build Custom Website for Clearwater Landscaping

One of our oldest designs in our top 10 list, the Clearwater site, still shows DC Web Designers' ability to think from a unique perspective, giving this site a shelf life of over six years.  
With the client direction of “make our landscape concepts come to life”, DC Web Designers used 3 dimensional rendering to take a simple project plan and transform it to a finished product.

What We Did:

  • Custom Web Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Smart Site CMS
  • Password Protected Client Area
  • Search Engine Optimization

Custom Web Design

We've done a handful of landscaping web designs. It's funny because their users behave the same way as DC Web Designers users. Most of their website traffic navigates from the homepage, directly to the portfolio, and then backtrack through the services. Because Clearwater offered such a high-end product, it was our responsibility to make certain their design was top notch, and make them look like an industry leader. 

Flash Animation

We realize that Flash technology is almost extinct at this point, but this site was designed in 2007, and Flash was one of our most popular web technologies at the time. The owners at Clearwater Landscaping wanted to show their users the complete life-cycle of a project. We utilized some 3-dimensional renderings and animated a sequence of still images to show a project go from concept to reality. We still get a lot of compliments for this design, and although the technology is outdated, the design still holds it's value 7 years later.    

SmartSite CMS

DC Web Designers built the site using SmartSite CMS. SmartSite is a light-weight tool that provides a tremendous amount of capabilities. It was a great fit for this project because their content management needs were simple, and most of their requirements fell into SmartSite's out of the box capabilities.  

“Clearwater Landscaping needed a good portfolio, a password protected area for their client projects, and the ability to manage standard website content. SmartSite does this stuff in its sleep, and was an easy choice for this project.”

- DC Web Designers VP of Technology, Jon Hartley

Password Protecting Clearwater's Client Area

The owners at Clearwater Landscaping needed a solution that allowed them to store information and show project progress for each of their clients. By utilizing SmartSite's groups and users module, DC Web Designers set up a password protected area that allowed for the following capabilities:
  • Create secure areas for each client
  • Upload documents, images, and content for individual projects
  • Provide unique login credentials for each client

Search Engine Optimization

DC Web Designers improved Clearwater's search engine rankings by optimizing the website.  We took a local search approach and targeted on increasing their local traffic.  

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