Jon Hartley

VP of Technology

"As with any small company, my role
within is very flexible and fluid."

In the Office

As with any small company, my role within is very flexible and fluid. At any given time I have my hand in one or all of the following: website design, production, maintenance, programming, and server administration. I work as an integral part of the DCWD team by creating conceptual designs, integrating applications, designing database architecture and writing client and server side scripting. A large part of my job is technology related. I have helped forge relationships with many of our technology related partners to increase the variety of products that DC Web Designers offers as well as to deliver the rock solid performance our clientele demands. I am responsible for making sure that your website lives on the best hosting platform around, and that your email arrives in your inbox securely and reliably. I take pride in working for a company that puts the needs of our clients first and foremost and I truly enjoy what I do.

Out of the Office

Out of the office, I am a bit of an electrical madman, think Emmett Brown crossed with Clark Griswold. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cycle, rollerblade, swim and fish as much as the next guy, but my biggest passion is converting electricity into light (seen from space)! 45,000 lights adorn my house and property from the first days of November until mid-January. Maybe not enough power to jump start a Flux Capacitor, but topping out at nearly twenty thousand watts, plenty to get a nice card from the local utility company.

When I am not assembling or dissembling my over-the-top Christmas display, I spend a good chunk of the year tinkering in my garage, soldering circuit boards for controllers to control my computerized light display, or hacking away on my laptop making it all work.

My Favorite DCWD Projects

Brooks Bower Asia
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The first was for a company called Brooks bower Asia. It was a 100% flash site that was extremely interactive and fluid. It changed the way content was delivered from a standard “page” to an almost tactile experience. Instead of clicking on a static navigation and loading pages, the “pages” would zoom in and out and you would be transported to the next chunk of content. I was fascinated by Flash and the ActionScript that made it all work.

Monitoring Technology
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20/20 Hindsight for Monitoring Technology. Working with HTML5 and the seemingly endless variety of new options and exciting effects was exhilarating. Elements such as JQuery rollover effects provide the site with motion and sparks of interest. Combined with CSS3, we were able to do things we could not have imagined 5 years ago. This project is an exciting peak at the future.

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