Sudeep Pandey

Senior .Net Developer

"I am a self paced learner
with a great passion for
new technologies."

In the Office

As a Senior .NET Developer, my job is to oversee and coordinate technical teams to develop and deliver custom programming solutions. I work with clients to determine their unique programming requirements. Currently I'm working on the next generation of our SmartSite Content Management System, which will benefit all of our clients. I am involved in various projects using such technologies as ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server, CSS, and HTML5.

Out of the Office

Out of the office, I enjoy going to gym, meeting friends, and enjoying some of my favorite meals at neighborhood restaurants. In an effort to take a break from looking at my triple monitor setup in my home office, I enjoy going for long rides and relaxing on the beach.

My Favorite DCWD Project

DC Web Designers SmartSite Content Management System
My favorite project was the integration of Lucene Search Engine in our SmartSite CMS. Reason I enjoyed this project most was being a computer science graduate, I will say this project is based on my graduation research and the most challenging part was how to handle search functionality from both web crawling indexes and the SmartSite database.

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