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You've Got Mail! 
It really means you've got business.

Email marketing is cheap, effective, and still exciting.

90% of our clients have said their email marketing campaigns have been successful

Email marketing is cheap, effective, and easy to deploy.  DC Web Designers helps develop your strategy, create your database, brand your emails, and deploy your sends.  

  • Affordable and quick to deploy
  • Extend your brand and company offerings
  • Stay engaged with your clients
  • Track your customers interests

DC Web Designers provide email marketing services that include database development, email templates, mass email sends, and email reporting.Email marketing is a great way to extend your web presence

Email marketing is all about sending the right message at the right time.  Through email marketing campaigns, you can deliver targeted offerings to subscribers interested in your company's products and services.  

"Email marketing is a great way to keep a sticky relationship with your existing clients.  Your company information and offerings are always in their inbox," states Kristen Schooley, DC Web Designers, Account Manager.

The benefits of email marketing, coupled with it's affordability, is one of the best ways to stay in front of your existing clients, reach out to potential markets, and drive traffic to your website.  DC Web Designers will setup and schedule your email marketing campaign.  We provide the following email marketing services:

  • Design well branded email templates
  • Build a database of recipients
  • Collaborate on content topics and copy editing
  • Send emails through our partner software
  • Track user behavior (opens, reads, clicks)

Email marketing is an essential part of our Web Leadership Program and SiteFit support plans.  

DC Web Designers email marketing partners

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Get started with an email marketing campaign

The best way to get started and learn more about DC Web Designers's email marketing campaigns is to give us a call.  We can take you through the simple steps in getting your website armed with the proper tools to start your campaign.  Enjoy reduced pricing through one of our partner programs. 

Call us at:  410-740-9181
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You can tell a lot about a company by who hires them.

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