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Video content is the next big thing.

Let DC Web Designers create, produce, and market your video content.

The experts (non-government officials) say video will make up 90% of Internet traffic in three years.

DC Web Designers website video productionIf your company is looking to create an edge, a real separation from your competitors, video is where you need to be looking. Let DC Web Designers work with your organization to create, produce, and market your video content.  Oh, did we mention that videos are 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google?

  • Video improves your search engine rankings
  • Website users prefer video over written content
  • Video increases conversions and sales
  • Video makes great social media content

What type of video do you need?

DC Web Designers video content video production video editingDC Web Designers provides a variety of video options, with solutions for most budgets.  Below are a list of video options that are well suited for most organizations interested in improving their web content and converting more users to customers.

Company Profile Videos

Many organizations begin with video content that showcases their corporation.  A company profile video allows you to promote your business, products, services, or new offerings.  By utilizing your executives or employees with the right personality, your organization can easily create a company profile video.

  • Use real employees to show a sense of realness and company personality
  • Promote important company assets, products and services
  • Create a personal touch that is more effective than traditional content or advertising

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are more effective that written testimonials.  Use a video testimonial to create validity and reliability for your organization.

  • Utilize real clients to show an honest assessment of your organization's quality and customer service
  • Video testimonials come across as 'real' and believable

Video Advertisements

A well produced video advertisement will convert more users than written content.  Persuade customers to take action by asking for their business.  It works!

  • Use a professionally recorded narrator or well spoken employee to promote your products and services
  • Let DC Web Designers help you write the video script to properly promote your core competencies
  • Market your video advertisement with social media and search engines

News Release Videos

Spark media interest and generate a buzz online about your company news.  Videos that promote your organizational news is an effective way to keep users informed with an innovative and fresh approach.

  • News videos make great public relations tools
  • Video is a perfect fit for social media outlets
  • Let DC Web Designers help write your script and produce your video
  • Utilize our professional narration experts for effective audio

Learn more about how DC Web Designers can assist you in your video production and marketing

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