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Web statistics can provide your organization with valuable data that helps improve the success of your website .

How would you like to know what companies are visiting your website right now?

We can do one better.  How about I give you their address, phone number, and send a picture of their building?  The amount of visitor data you can retrieve for your website is downright scary.  However, since it is out there, you might as well use it.  DC Web Designers will monitor your website traffic and provide you with monthly reports on your web data.

          Live Tracking Activity:

  • Website visitors
  • Popular web pages
  • Visitor demographics
  • Search queries
  • New users vs. return users
  • Bounce rates
  • Click paths



Top-notch web statistic software that enables our clients to make more informed business decisions

DC Web Designers website statistic and website traffic softwareBy analyzing your website data, DC Web Designers can work with your organization to determine how to improve the overall performance.  

DC Web Designers has partnered with Visistat, a leading provider in web statistic software.  VisiStat helps you determine how visitors got to your site, where they are spending their time, what they are looking for, and how they navigate.  These valuable insights enable you to make more informed business decisions to help improve the effectiveness of your website and online marketing initiatives. 

***If you are interested in a free evaluation, please contact sales@dcwebdesigners.  Our experts will walk you through your current data (providing you are using software to monitor your website traffic) and provide you with insight on what the data means, and what you can do to reach your organizational goals.  


Typically only 3% of website users will provide identity information.  Our solution can provide you with the identity of 100% of your visitors.  With LeadCaster, your organization will receive an email every morning with the names and contact information of every company that visited your website the previous day.  In addition, by logging into your Visistat account, you can track their every move during their website visit.  If you are really nerdy, you can look at what browser they used, what type of device they were on, and their ISP.  

This information provides you with invaluable data that enables your sales team to market directly to your website visitors.  

Track the companies that visit your website with our website statistics software


Social Media Tracking

Track your social media traffic with DC Web Designers website statistic softwareEasily track and measure your social media activity.

Visistat's social media tracking capabilities allow you to connect all the dots on Facebook and Twitter.  The information gathered helps your organization translate the activity to increase website traffic and conversions.  

VisiStat's social media solution is a new, simple way to track and measure your social media mentions and activity. The new solution helps small businesses make better decisions and increase revenue based on insights gained from social media.  Your social media tracking data can be stored on the cloud for up to 12 months allowing your organization to easily identify trends and growth in your social media participation. 

Learn more about DC Web Designers's website statistic and analytic solutions.

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