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finding or   learning something for the first time .

Our process educates your firm about our services as we learn about your organization.  

Discovery, it's when we jump under the hood

When we show up to your discovery consultation, we won't be talking about font types, we'll be collaborating on how to drive more business through your website.



DC Web Designers President Mark Cyphers

DC Web Designers President, Mark Cyphers leads the majority of our discovery consultations.

Mark Cyphers, President of DC Web Designers, graduated from Colorado State University where he studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He began building Content Management Systems in 1998, and founded DC Web Designers in 2000. He has led projects for organizations and institutions such as Reuters, Ford, Harvard, World Bank, Johns Hopkins, Ziff Davis, and many more.  He has an exceptional ability to communicate with his clients about complicated technical subject matter in a down to earth, easy to understand manner. Mark has changed businesses through his web strategies and implementations.

Recent Discovery Consulting clients

Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions
Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions
Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions
Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions
Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions
Washington DC technology consulting web design development mobile solutions

What happens during the discovery consultation?

  • Key personnel meet to discuss business objectives and website vision
  • Roles and responsibilities are identified for each stage of the project
  • Project goals are established
  • Communication methods are defined
  • A project plan document is written

All projects begin with a discovery meeting. We begin the high-trust, collaborative partnership that is essential in working through business objectives, resources, skill sets, processes, and overall vision. The information we learn helps shape our approach to an internet strategy that supports your business and website goals. During discovery, you and key personnel from your organization will work directly with our senior level staff.

DC Web Designers provides a full proof web design and development process that produces website projects that are on time and have no hidden costs.In addition to DC Web Designers comprehending the internal workings of our clients, we educate about our process, project deliverables, and usability principals.  

Following the discovery meeting, a project plan is created. The project plan is the road map to a successful project that reduces the grey area, defines roles and responsibilities, and sets deadlines for project milestones.  

In some instances, it is beneficial for the client to hire DC Web Designers to conduct the discovery consultation prior to delivering a proposal. This method allows our clients to further define their project goals, achieve a better understanding of how a website project process works, demo the recommended technologies, and have a document that provides clear direction and accurate pricing.

Additional Technology Consulting Services

Website Discovery
Do you have a clear understanding of what your organization REALLY NEEDS for your web project? DC Web Designers will help define your organizational goals and technical requirements. We deliver a well written RFP or technical specification document that you can utilize for your project.
Project Oversight
Would you feel more comfortable with an expert on your side during the project life cycle? Mark Cyphers will oversee website projects your organization is undertaking with other vendors. Having an expert managing your project will ensure it is done properly and on time.  

RFP Creation
Does your organization have the expertise to create a sound, technical RFP? The RFP is the most important document for ensuring a successful website project. A great RFP clearly defines your organizational requirements and recommended technologies. It ensures that the proposal you receive from your potential vendors provide an "apples to apples" comparison, allowing you to see the clear cost differences between each recommended solution.
DC Web Designers provides strategy, technology, and creative consulting services during the discovery phase of your web design or web development project.Website Design/Usability
Does your organization have a successful, user-centric web design? Because your website design is so important, and defines your brand, it is essential it is done right and follows the best practice principals for proper usability. Some organizations hire DC Web Designers to design the look and feel of their website if they already have secured an organization to do their development.

Vendor Selection
Do you have the technology expertise to choose the right company for your project? If your organization is undertaking a project that doesn't fall within the core capabilities of DC Web Designers, Mark Cyphers will work as a consultant for your organization to help you choose the right vendor to work on your project.

Site Management
Do you have the resources to manage and support the health of your website post launch? Let DC Web Designers help improve your web investment by managing and maintaining the health of your website. We provide a variety of services that are guaranteed to drive traffic, improve conversions, and build brand integrity.

Call or email to learn more about our technology consulting services:  410-740-9181

You can tell a lot about a company by who hires them.

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