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We build custom  portals, e-commerce, and intranets

Custom web applications built on flexible .NET and PHP platforms.

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DC Web Designers has been building custom web applications since we opened our doors in 2000.  A web application is typically built to run on a web browser, and its function is to make a business process easy to perform and manage.  DC Web Designers have built auctions, Intranets, extranets, portals, e-commerce shopping carts, online registration systems, real estate listing modules, and many other types of web applications.  

What companies have DC Web Designers built web applications for?

DC Web Designers has built custom web applications for more than 500 of our clients.  

Custom Web Application for World Bank dot net php
Searchable, Project Database 
Custom Web Application for Swissport America Intranet portal extranet  dot net php
Global Intranet 
Custom Web Application for National Alliance of Charter Schools intranet extranet portal ecommerce  dot net php
Ranking System for Schools 
 Custom Web Application for Johns Hopkinsintranet extranet portal ecommerce  search engine dot net php
Custom Search Engine
 Custom Web Application for WAPTAC intranet extranet portal ecommerce search engine dot net php
Document Management System
 Custom Web Application for Signal Hill intranet extranet portal ecommerce search engine dot net php
Company Intranet


Why would a company need a custom web application?

Custom web applications are built when an out-of-the-box solution isn't available to help you efficiently interact with your employees, customers, and vendors.  Most web applications are actually modifications to existing products and solutions.  A custom application would be built to streamline a business process in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner, saving your company time, money, and resources.

Is DC Web Designers a good option for my custom web application?

We've been building custom web applications since the day we opened our doors in 2000.  Our flagship product, SmartSite - Internet Management System, is a tool that we use as a platform for our custom web applications.  Since the SmartSite has a very scalable and flexible code base, it enables us to bolt on custom functionality to it's framework.   We have built custom applications for Ford Motor Company, Reuters, World Bank, Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins, and many others.  We build our web applications using Microsoft's .NET platform and MSSQL Server database.

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