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40% of all Internet surfing
is done from a  mobile device.

Responsive Web Design is a cost effective, mobile, website solution.

Your mobile website, is now “your website”.

Responsive Web Design allows your organization to serve your website content from a single URL, improves user experience, saves money, and provides better conversion rates.

  • What mobile solutions does DC Web Designers offer?
  • What is Responsive Web Design?
  • What are the benefits of Responsive Web Design?

What types of mobile solutions does DC Web Designers offer?

DC Web Designers provides our clients with Responsive Web Designs.  A Responsive Web Design is a web programming approach that creates websites which provide an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device serving it.   What does this really mean?  It means DC Web Designers will build your organization one website that can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  By building on a platform that resizes images, consolidates navigations, and stacks content, our Responsive Websites provide your organization an affordable mobile solution that eliminates the old methodology of building separate sites for different devices. 

In addition to the affordability and cutting-edge technology being used, our Responsive Websites run from a single CMS, allowing you to publish content once, making our solution easy to manage.

What are the benefits of Responsive Web Design?

In addition to the affordability and ease of administration, there are a number of benefits from organizations having a Responsive Web Design.

Seamless User Experience

With a Responsive Web Design, all of your users can expect an optimal viewing experience.  With the number of mobile users rising every day, it is essential that your organization provides them with a user experience that offers intuitive browsing, purchasing, and data entry.

SEO and PPC Benefits

Even Google recommends building Responsive Web Designs.  Utilizing a single URL and reducing load time will help your site rank higher in search results.  In addition, with the ability for mobile websites to offer landing pages, PPC campaign management becomes an easier task.

Simplified Reporting and Analytics

By using a single URL, your organization can use one set of analytics to examine your user behavior and run reports on the site performance.  Consolidated reporting makes it easier to measure conversion rates and evaluate the successes and areas needing improvement.  

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