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Website design and development process

Our thorough sales team returns calls the same day of inquiries, meets you in person, and turns proposals around in less than a week. Once the project begins, we utilize senior executives during strategy consultations, provide Lead Designers on every project, and arm you with a seasoned Project Manager.

  • Discovery
  • Informational Architecture
  • User Interface
  • Development
  • Testing

DC Web Designers offers a high-trust, collaborative website design and web development process.


We seek to create high-trust partnerships with our clients as we work through business objectives, resources, skill sets, processes, and overall vision. The information we learn helps shape our approach to an internet strategy that supports your business and website goals.  During discovery, you and key personnel from your organization will work directly with our senior level staff.

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Informational Architecture

To construct a logical architecture for content, it is essential to understand the user profiles and goals. Our philosophy is to educate and demonstrate best practices that you can apply to create a streamlined content structure for every target profile. Post launch, we leverage website statistics to determine if our user experience expectations were valid, and modify the content assets to improve the success of the website.   

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DC Web Designers a recognized web design and development leader in Washington DC provides our clients with a bullet proof web design and development process


During the design phase of our process, we begin creating a visual representation of your homepage and interior pages. Webpage concepts are constructed using a balance of the creative brief and fresh ideas from our team. The design elements, coupled with the web content, address the goals, target audiences, challenge resolutions, and value of your offerings.

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Development typically follows or coincides with the design phase and includes HTML coding, style guides, graphics, and website functionality. We meld the "Smart and Good Looking" pieces and watch the site come to life.  

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Testing and Debugging

A collaborative effort to ensure the website is functioning at full capacity, optimized, and error free, is the final stage of the pre-launch project life cycle. We try to break the website at the same time we are checking for efficiency.  

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